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If You Stay - Courtney Cole More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: B+Warning: Crude languageIf You Stay was a contemporary romance that I really enjoyed. It's about this "asshole" (who I didn't think was much of one, just really fucked up) and Mila who are attracted to each other. What I really liked was the characters. I liked Pax for trying to get over his emotional unstable-ness. And Mila for shining a light into his apparent fucked up life. Their romance was so sweet and I was really emotional during the whole book :3 JUST AH... ALL THE FEELZ. And the swearing made moments comical haha. Like those moments when I'm supposed to be serious I just laugh 'cause they swore and I'm just like, haha lol.I really liked everything but I think this book could've turned out better. I would make some changes to the plot. It wasn't as interesting as other contemporaries I've read. The plot was really focused on his apparent fuck-up but I think it's just emotional issues. And I didn't like it when Mila just kept pushing him away after he did something wrong. I mean, he told her before that he would mess up. He's not going to be perfect! He even told her that. He was begging for forgiveness but she wouldn't take him back! And I'm like, BITCH.. JUST BE THE GOOD IN HIS LIFE AND TAKE HIM BACK.Whew.. Rant over. Besides that small issue I have, I really enjoyed the book and I give B+ for effort.