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Vengeance Bound - Justina Ireland Read more of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: CVengeance Bound was something I was really excited about. The synopsis promised a story with Furies and Greek Mythology. While it wasn't what I originally expected, I still enjoyed it.Cory Graff has the Furies in her head. They whisper violent, bloody thoughts to her and seek the death of men. She was bound when she was a child and she has learned (somewhat) to deal with it. After escaping the asylum a few years ago with their help, Cory has been moving from place to place while satisfying their bloodlust. By day, she's a normal teen and by night, she's a killer.The Furies were something I was looking forward to. I really got the feeling of how they feel in Cory's head and how you need to satisfy them. But at the same time, their power would grow and they can control you. It was really refreshing to read about them. They can whisper all the horrible things men have done to women and how you should kill them. Those thoughts just send shivers down my spine. The whole thing was bloody and sinister. The revenge against men was where Cory really kicked some butt. She was really well-trained and with the Furies' help, she exacted her vengeance on them.I do wish that there was more Greek mythology though. I looked forward to this just because of that but all we got were the Furies. None of the gods were involved and not a lot of tales were intertwined with the plot. I wish we got more greek myths mixed together into the plot.Vengeance Bound is a bloodthirsty, satisfying read. The Furies and their vengeance is definitely a refreshing addition to the YA genre.