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The Assassin's Curse - You can also read this review here.The actual rating is 4.5 stars.I really loved the Assassin's Curse. It's just a very good and interesting book :)You are introduced to Ananna of the Tanarau in the beginning. Her dad was marrying her off to some other pirate (who is a dick by the way, really, you kill your bride if she doesn't want you?). She abandons her parents and run away. She wants her own boat, not as some second-in-command. After she ran away, the Hariri clan sends an assassin after her because she doesn't want to marry their son.Then a chapter later, the assassin's finds her. Ananna saves his life. BAM. There's the curse. Now they're bound together and the assassin, Naji, has to protect her or he'll feel pain (or die). Now they've got to find a cure so that Naji doesn't have to protect and be with Ananna at all times. Naji and Ananna goes through various things to try and "cure" him. Really, it has so much action in it! But don't worry! There's room for the romance aspect. In this book, the romance wasn't heavy at all. Really, they weren't friendly with each other through the first half of the book. Now Ananna likes Naji but I'm still not sure if's it's a one-way thing or not.. Hmm.. That's okay! Keeps me guessing!This book doesn't lack anything at all! The action and adventure and life-threatening moments are there.. The romance was KIND OF there.. The suspense was there.. The whole I-want-to-kill-you-or-else-I'll-die partner bonding was there. Well, you know what I mean!My favorite character through all of this is Ananna, of course! Usually, a guy would be my favorite, but nope! Not for this book! I really like Ananna. She's a very strong girl and can take care of herself (unlike me, lol). She doesn't need anyone to protect her and carry herself along as well as any man. I feel like she and Naji are equal in skills (except that she doesn't have magic). That makes me feel better because really, we all need to be badass and show the guys up.Naji is also a favorite. I feel like he's misunderstood too many times. Really, he's a good guy. He shouldn't be self-conscientious about his scar. If anyone really loves him, she wouldn't care about his looks but love him for who he is. So I hope Naji finds his true love :3A problem that I found was the double negatives. This is totally personal and the book isn't wrong! I just CAN NOT stand double negatives. It drives me crazy. I even ranted about this to my friend who hates books. I feel like Ananna uses double negative too much even if she IS a pirate. Again, this is a personal problem.Overall, the Assassin's Curse is an action-packed book that doesn't lack anything! *sigh* Now waiting on the awesome sequel...