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A Taylor-Made Life - Kary Rader Read more of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: B-A Taylor-Made Life is a heartwrenching story that had me sobbing (which rarely happens because I don't get emotional when I read). It was beautifully written and I didn't think I would like it so much.Gavin and Taylor both had cancer and what they don't have is time. Taylor wanted to have sex with a guy before she dies so she goes on dating sites to try to find the perfect guy. Gavin is the CEO of a video game company. He's rich but he's expected die soon. The thing that brought the two lovebirds together was the cancer program which helps both the mentor and the student fight cancer. They were just so cute together and I was always cheering for them to beat the disease and live for love.I must admit, Gavin annoyed me quite a bit at the beginning of the story. Taylor was all for having a romantic relationship but Gavin didn't want that. He thought the age difference was too much and that he couldn't really justify dating a woman that's a lot younger than him. When Gavin stopped protesting, I liked him because he was sweet, cute, and just so very nerdy :) I was so sad at the end and I cried. Lots. The letter from Gavin was so beautiful and moving. I just couldn't hold my tears in. I'm not emotional at all when I read and I was amazed that this book could make me cry! It just rarely happens... As I said, A Taylor-Made Life is a beautifully written story that brings two people who doesn't have hope and create something miraculous out of it. This is my first contemporary book about cancer and I would love to say that I enjoyed it very much :)