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Doll Bones - Holly Black Reviewed at The Book Belles.Doll Bones is the first Holly Black story I’ve ever read and I thought it was pretty okay. Doll Bones is a middle grade ghost story. While it isn’t something that would give you nightmares, it’s a children’s tale with some creepy and fun elements.The thing that made Doll Bones so enjoyable was the quest. The three friends (Zach, Alice, and Poppy) were determined to go on a quest to East Liverpool, Ohio, to give the ghost of Eleanor Kerchner some peace and let her rest in her grave. The relationship between the three friends were tested as they all have secrets from one another. The adventure was fun and creepy, told in a third person’s perspective. The secrets were revealed along the way but I’m glad they held onto their friendship and worked past their problems with one another. Even though it’s told in a third person’s perspective, I still connected easily with Zach. He was still a kid and it was easy to see how much he valued his friendship with Alice and Poppy. I don’t get why he would keep his secret from Poppy and Alice. I don’t think they would be mad at him because it wasn’t his fault in the first place. As for Alice’s secret, it was really easy to figure out. Why Zach didn’t figure it out though, I think it was because he’s a guy. Guys don’t think that much about that kind of stuff.There were some other problems I ran into. In the beginning, I couldn’t tell Alice and Poppy apart. They sounded the same even with their different backgrounds. It was only when they went on the quest that I finally figured out who was who. In fact, nothing made the three main characters distinguishable. Zach was just easier to identify because he was the only guy and he was the narrator. Doll Bones is definitely a fun and chilling Middle Grade ghost story. It isn’t anything that’s super scary but still enough to pull you into the quest with Zach, Alice and Poppy. I would recommend this to anyone who are getting tired of YA and wants a good story about friendship and a ghost quest.