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Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: A+...OMG EVERY GIRL NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK.. LIKE.. I CANNOT EVEN DESCRIBE ITS PERFECTNESS.I'm trying really hard to separate my fangirl from my professional personality *bff laughs in background: you aren't pro, man* First off, let's talk about that sexiness. Cameron Hamilton is sexy, hot, gorgeous, thoughtful, charming all rolled into one package. I find myself swooning at the scenes and wishing he was real. Cameron is just the perfect guy for Avery and can make situations lighter just by making jokes. Do I need to explain myself further? He's kinda up there with the ultimate fictional boy (Daemon Black) so that's saying something.Avery and Cam's developing relationship made everything really interesting. You can really feel what they're feeling and sympathize with them. I feel my heart breaking several times and I ALMOST COULDN'T BEAR IT. But for me, I'd be all over Cameron if I was Avery. I do know where she is coming from though. With her situation, I wouldn't want to date a guy either.Is there anything bad in this book? Hell no. Everything was perfect! Haven't had that in a long time but Miss Armentrout is really good at writing the best books so I wasn't surprised. This book definitely met my extremely high expectations :)Ranting TeenOMG everything was so frickin perfect!! Like damn that boy is hot :D And I read it til 1am and didn't finish cuz I knew I'd be dead as fudge in the morning. I'm serious, man. That's the only reason I stopped reading. And at school, I kept reading and paid no attention in class. AND I KEPT HAVING THOSE DUMB SMILES AND SQUEALING.. AHHH..