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Karneval, Vol. 1 - Touya Mikanagi Read more of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: BI haven't read any manga in a long time now and I decided to dive back into that world with Karneval, Vol. 1 by Touya Mikanagi. Karneval is a refreshing manga as we went in without knowing anything. We immediately get introduced to an innocent boy, Nai, who was just captured by thugs and brought to someone called Lady Mine. Gareki, a stranger, rescues him from Lady Mine. Somehow they got all tangled up with a murder case and a mysterious group called the Circus while Gareki is trying to help Nai find someone called Karoku.Nai is an awesome character. He's really innocent and naive and doesn't know much of anything. It looks like he has amnesia as he doesn't seem to remember anything of his past except Karoku and the Circus ID that came with him. He calls blood "red water" and doesn't know the bad guys from the good guys.Gareki is also a really great character as well. Even though he isn't helping Nai from the goodness of his heart, he still protects Nai like its his own brother. I would like to find out more about the group that Gareki is in.A special group of characters I'd like to mention are the sheepies! The sheep are so awesome and they're so funny! I like how they're the defense system and how they bullied Gareki haha! Overall, Karneval is an amazing manga you wouldn't want to miss reading if yore a big fan of anime and manga! Complete with beautiful drawings and a funny, mysterious plot, I'll be sure to keep on reading this one!