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Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) - Susan Ee Read more of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: C+Review written with Kaina @ These Flying PagesAriella:So let’s start on our review! Me (from Secret of Lost Words) and Kaina are going to be reviewing Angelfall by Susan Ee together! Yay!Kaina: *throws confetti* Sup munchkins *grins*Ariella: So where do you wanna start? Overall, I thought this was too hyped up. I found it average, y’know?Kaina:Totally, I was expecting a mind blowing epic novel from all the reviews it was getting. Ariella: Not to mention all the five star ratings it’s gotten. But it’s still a pretty good angel story, just not five-star-worthy, I guess.Kaina:Agreed, it was enjoyable though and a refreshing take on the whole overdone angel plot.Ariella:Plus, I’ve never read an angel book with an apocalypse world in it. So applause to the author *claps*Kaina:This was actually my first actual apocalypse book I’ve read..... O_OAriella: Really? Whoa.. Okay. So let’s talk about Penryn. What did you think of her?Kaina:Badass in a relatable sort of wayAriella: So you didn’t find her annoying sometimes? I did. Like, when she was going on her feelings about Raffe and how he doesn’t love her and all that crap. She felt really weak and whiny then.Kaina: I actually didn’t notice that much. Except, after the whole nightclub thing, that’s when I found myself getting a bit annoyed.Ariella: I noticed before the nightclub because I hate it when a heroine is all badass but breaks down heartbroken and sobbing because of a boy. -___- Like, you can kick some butts pretty well.. Who cares about a boy?Kaina:A hot boy though... However, I didn't like him that much at the beginning.Ariella:So you didn’t like Raffe? I still don’t really like him that much now. I like how he can joke around sometimes (that sarcastic bastard lol) but I don’t like how he treats Penryn. Though he does what he does with a good reason.. Doesn’t mean I have to like him!Kaina: Can you give me an example of a scene you didn’t like in which he treated her badly?Ariella: No not like treated her badly. But more like, his cold attitude toward her. He acts like he doesn’t give a crap what happened to her, but then still stalks her when he told her to go off on her own.Kaina: Ahh *bulb dings* I get you know, like when the fight thing happened?Ariella: Yeah, like that. But he knew she could take care of herself so he probably didn’t care. I mean, she got trained in like three different martial arts when she was little!Kaina:I admit he could get a bit cold towards her, but I think, like you said, if he knew that she couldn’t handle herself he would have done something.Ariella:Oh and I also don’t like how Penryn kinda fawns over his good looks. That’s only in the beginning though. And we’re judging Raffe pretty hard, don’t you think? ;) Kaina: Well, he is an angel. All majestic and stuff, imagine the hottest person you can think of and multiply it by... 100.Ariella: Okay, I got you. But still.. with his good looks, he can have a few more redeeming qualities.Kaina: Yeah, along with the whole hot and funny thing going on with the occasional subtle moments in which he was protective/caring towards Penryn there weren't that many things that made me swoon over him. However, towards the end I felt like he opened up a bit more..... maybe something we’ll get to see more of in the sequel perhaps?Ariella: *Nods* I do like my share of funny guys and he has opened up a bit more in the end. I really want the sequel too! And it seems like ⅔ of our review is all talking about Raffe... Kaina:O__O I bet he would just love that.... So instead of inflating his massive ego some more, let’s talk romance. What did you think?Ariella: Haha lol, wait I gotta do something first. Ahem *impersonates Raffe* OMG girls talking about my sexiness.. I know you can’t stand it. BOW BEFORE ME. *over* Yeah, let’s talk more about the plot and romance?Kaina:Lol xD I just imagined him saying “I have that effect on monkeys.”Ariella: LOL.. BUT WE’RE NOT GONNA TALK ABOUT RAFFE ANYMORE. Plot and romance?Kaina: Loved the plot. It was a refreshing take on an overdone concept. The thing I liked about the romance was the whole love/hate thing they had going on.Ariella: I thought the plot could have had more action and stuff. Like more scenes where she was kicking some serious butts. The romance was “meh” for me. I do like the love/hate relationship they have though. The hate part was awesome :DKaina: Yeah, the romance isn’t like actually over the top mushy love, it’s more of subtle thing that’s hinted towards the end, much of which was spent hating each others guts.Ariella: They only kissed once. How exciting!Kaina:Agreed. It was so frustrating, for me at least....Ariella: For me, it was more like, “Aww, how cute, they kissed. Now can we kick more angel butts and more kissing later?”Kaina:Sometimes I just wanted them to kiss and other times I just wished for them to start insulting each other and you know... start a duel :DAriella: YES, duel between Penryn and Raffe! I’d be buying front row tickets to that. But overall, THIS IS AN OKAY BOOK. DON’T BE FOOLED BY THE HYPE.Kaina: Angelfall by Susan Ee while enjoyable and original accompanied by the occasional witty dialogue and a strong heroine is definitely a bit over hyped.Ariella: Look, I’m just sitting over here and letting you do all the pretty talking. But yes, what she said. Does that conclude our review?Kaina: *Jazz hands* Ugh no never mind that’s lame. O_O *slowly backs away*Ariella: *left in the spotlight* Wait, are we closing the curtains? Did we even have curtains? DON’T LEAVE ME HERE..Kaina: MENTAL CURTAINS THEY’RE MAGICAL OKAY?Ariella: OKAY MAGICAL CURTAINS.. I will disappear!! *vanishes* Cuz you know, I’m awesome and cool.. BYE PEEPS. Kaina: *Comes back and fixes hair* I’m still here. Lol kidding. Bye, little awesome readers.Ariella: No, we shall call them munchkins. Anyways, BYE.. FOR REALZ THIS TIME.Kaina: Or is it? *light fades**silence**mental magical curtains close*THE END BEHIND THE SCENES(this takes place right after the end)*Kaina makes weird noises that sound vaguely like uncontrollable laughter while saying I’LL BE BACK.**hears shushing and someone getting slapped**HEARS A DUEL BEING CALLED FOR* *dead silence* *except for you know... the duel**hears Ariella whine, “CAN WE LEAVE NOW..”**Kaina whines “Awwww what about the duel?” Maybe Raffe will come and save me *wags eyebrows**Ariella wins the duel and no one cares about Raffe so he can go after Penryn*Kaina: Woah wait when did we decide a winner? I haven’t even taken off my earrings. You know what? I don’t need no hot yummy angel to save me BECAUSE I AM BADASS *does finger thing ninja motion*Ariella: I decided I’m winner five seconds ago and no I’m more badass cuz I’m Asian and I got my karate stuff.Kaina: I AM A BLACK BELT IN MARTIAL ARTS *SITS DOWN* Ariella:Okay how about I get you some ginseng tea and you can calm down?Kaina:A ninja never calms down.Ariella:BUT YOU CAN.. *injects sleeping potion* *Kaina falls asleep on the ground* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!*Kaina jumps back up “A ninja is not taken down so easily!”*Ariella:How about I give you food and we can leave the audience alone? Oui?*Kaina follows food, her epic ninja Shadowhunter type of outfit fading into the darkness..........*Ariella:Okay, you done cosplaying yet? *drags Kaina away**Kaina sneaks one more grin before being dragged away*END OF BEHIND THE SCENES