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School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins Read more of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: BSchool Spirits is a spin-off to the Hex Hall series. Hex Hall is one of my favorite series ever as it is entertaining and humourous. When I heard that Rachel Hawkins was going to write a spin-off on Izzy Brannick, I was instantly excited. And I was not disappointed.Izzy Brannick is Sophie's cousin and the Brannicks were trained to fight the Prodigium (supernatural creatures). Izzy's sister mysteriously disappeared on a mission and her mom is sending her to solve a ghost case at public school for a chance at normal life.School Spirits definitely brings back the taste of Hex Hall with a new set of characters. Izzy is a strong fighter (like a tiger among kittens) but she can't help loving normal people stuff (like TV shows, hanging out with friends, etc). She's a strong heroine and is determined to see things til its end and is protective of her friends. Dex (the love interest) is a great kid who's hilarious. He had me laughing a lot of times and is a nice guy all around. There is always something off about him that we get to find out at the end of the book that shocked me! Romy was a great friend to Sophie and I liked how she didn't back down from others when she's looked down on. All these characters have great qualities that made me instantly like them.School Spirits is a fun and adventurous book just like the Hex Hall series and I can't wait for the second book (there isn't one coming for a while now). I would recommend it to everyone who loves supernatural stuff and characters that can make you laugh :D