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Sweet Peril - Wendy Higgins Read more of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: BAfter reading countless five stars reviews of Sweet Peril, I've decided it was time to pick up this pretty before I keep putting it off more.In the second book, Anna begins working and polluting souls. She's still heartbroken and Kaidan Rowe is still the love of her life. She got a message from angels about a Prophecy involving a Nephilim then she finds herself travelling the world with Kopano to recruit other Nephilims to their cause.I was expecting a lot from this book but I wasn't disappointed! The plot may be a bit lacking (they're just rounding up allies after all) but I found myself invested in the characters and the romance. War is brewing and Anna needs to stop worrying about her issues and just step it up to fight.A question I had throughout this novel was, what was the so-called prophecy going to do for the Nephs? My questions wasn't answered in this novel but hopefully it will be in the third. The prophecy promised a second chance for all the Dukes but it never said what will happen to the Nephs. Do they get to keep living on Earth without the Dukes' control?Gather allies for the cause introduces us to new characters. Zania and Flynn are new to the cause and I really like those two characters. Especially Zania. She's had a tough life and I really liked reading about all the difficulties in her life and how she has chose to overcome those and fight for the Nephilims.A little bit on a spoiler side, but I gotta say I really liked the romance. At the end of the second book, was the love triangle somehow, eliminated?This book definitely didn't disappoint. Even though I got more questions than answers, Sweet Peril was a stunning sequel to Sweet Evil. Pick this up if you've been putting it off! You won't regret it!