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Acid - Emma Pass Read more of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: CACID is a book I've been looking forward to. An ultimate brutal police force seems like something I would read. But I've been a bit disappointed.ACID started out really strong. I couldn't stop myself from turning the pages to see what happens next. You meet the kickass heroine, Jenna Strong, and see her emotional turmoils and her determination to be strong and get out of the prison. But then, as we get more and more into the book, everything just got sorta "meh". I don't find myself all that excited anymore and began to read slower.The characters were good. Jenna is a good heroine because she stays strong through any situation and protects those around her. Max Fisher is the love interest in this book. I thought he was a cute guy and was adorable. He really watches out for Jenna and tries to connect with her even though she makes it hard at times.The ACID government stood out a lot as it is a really brutal police force. I wish we got more history on how the ACID came to be and why it's isolated from all the other countries. I wish we could learn more about the rebelling force, NAR, as well. I hope we get to see more history in the second book :)There are two things I wish this could've had. One is that to keep the excitement level up. I found myself not as excited through the middle. It picked up toward the end but the middle part was a bit boring. The second thing is the romance. I wish there were more moments between Jenna and Max! But the book is more about Jenna getting some stuff done and kicking butts.This books was really good but not exactly what I was looking for. Now it's down to the ultimate question: Will there be a sequel?