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Strands of Bronze and Gold - Jane Nickerson Read more of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: DI was really excited for Strands of Bronze and Gold as I had never read a retelling of the Bluebeard fairy tale. Hell, I've never even read the original Bluebeard fairy tale. So before I read this, I made sure to read the original story. I definitely went in prepared. (I was horrified by the story by the way)There weren't a lot of things I enjoyed about this book. It wasn't as dark as I would've liked though it definitely crept me out. I only liked the side characters, Anarchy and Mr. Stone. They were the local people from the village and they were the only characters I liked. The descriptions of the de Cressacabbey was fantastic though. I could really see what the place looked like and feel the hot weather of Mississippi.Though I did like a few minor things, I didn't like any of the main story or characters. Sophie was really annoying as she was too trusting. It seems like she's questioning her godfather but with her clues she should've figured out Bernard was a psycho wife killer. It's not that hard to join the dots together. Bernard was so creepy. I was telling my best friend about the book and I labelled him as the creepy godfather. I detested the romance between Bernard and Sophie. I always felt like Bernard was going to rape Sophie any second. It was so disgusting. It did have a happy ending so I guess that was a plus. But I would never recommend this to anyone. It was as creepy and disgusting as hell.