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Saved at Sunrise - C.C. Hunter Read more of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: CSaved at Sunrise is a novella in the Shadow Falls series. It allows us to see Della's story and her mission with the FRU.I've always liked Della and her smart mouth. She was a character I really enjoyed reading about in the Shadow Falls series. So when I heard about this novella, I knew I had to pick it up.Saved at Sunrise is a story about Della's mission given by the FRU and the budding romance between her and Steve. Steve was a charming guy and I really liked him. He was good in a quiet and gentle kind of way. He really cares for Della and is growing to love her. I feel like that kind of love is the best.One problem I had with the romance was the insta-love they had. Even though Della was still hung over Lee (her ex), she begins having thoughts about how hot Steve looked and she kept pushing those away. I didn't really like it but couldn't blame the author either since this is a short novella.But not all of this is about the romance! We do get to see Della kick some butt on her mission! She was so badass escaping the vampire gang's compound (even though she was injured). I really liked that part and see Della and Steve work together toward their goal :)Saved at Sunrise is a great novella to satisfy your need for more Shadow Falls as you wait on Chosen at Nightfall. While it's not mandatory to read this to understand the next book, it's a great side story for you to get to know our favorite vampire, Della Tsang.