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Stripped - Brooklyn Skye More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: C-Stripped was a story of a broken girl and boy falling in love. I must admit, the reason I wanted to read this book was because of the mention of the nude modeling. That wasn't a big part of the book but there were other things that I enjoyed. In the beginning, you learn that Quinn has to do nude modeling because she needs it to pay her tuition. You find out that her dad did something scandalous at the school and her family is shunned by a lot of people. The way Quinn and Torrin were there for each other were good and sweet :) Their humour at times made me laugh and I was glad that they found each other to rely on.The book wasn't interesting at all times and there were moments I wish that it could fast forward. There weren't a lot of ups and downs and no climax at all. I wasn't surprised at anything though I was a bit upset we didn't get to know more about Torrin. Stripped is definitely a good story to pass time with. It's a great story of picking yourself back up. Quinn and Torrin overcame their family prejudice and loved each other in the end. It's a cute love story I think people would enjoy :)