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Twisted Summer - Lucy V. Morgan More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: C-Uh.. I don't even know what to say. This book is damn twisted, alright. The thing that got me reading this book was the 29 y/o uncle and 18 y/o Danni. How's that ever going to work and how the hell would they even be attracted to each other? I liked this book but a few parts had me cringing.I liked Danni a lot. She had a bitchy attitude and she didn't let anyone dictate her life. She came out of the closet and wasn't afraid of people criticizing her for being lesbian (actually bi, but people just assumed). She was a funny girl and I liked her for being tough. Life may be hard on her but she didn't back down.Gabe was more difficult for me to like. He's charming, handsome, but I didn't immediately fall for him. Even though 29 isn't that old, it's still about a ten years difference between him and Danni. I found the relationship a bit disgusting but I liked him afterwards. I really enjoyed the stories about the most embarrassing things they did. Gabe's story is the best, I gotta say. Had me cracking up so much. Taylor's story is not that bad either :) I would've done the same thing as Taylor haha.I didn't really like how Danni and Gabe charged into their relationship so fast. They never even really knew each other's personality; it's mostly based on the physical attraction they have. Danni didn't give it much of a second though before she gave her virginity away. Like, WTF? At least have some thought of it. This is a bad message for teens/new adults. You shouldn't have premaritial sex then run off with the dude to live with him. That's not right. This book is also really focused on telling us Danni's emotions and I would've liked it better if she showed it with some scenes not just telling us. This story is really messed up and lived up to the title. A truly twisted summer. (I'm not even kidding.)Once I finished this book, I realized this is a nice romance story and I liked how the author told us about her feelings. She had to realize she had more in life than just staying with her girlfriend and try out new things. I didn't love this book but perhaps some of you might. Give it a try :)