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What the Spell? - Brittany Geragotelis More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: BBrooklyn is a witch whose magic has been bound since birth. Then on her sixteenth birthday, her parent let her have her magic again. Now just think about it. If you had wanted something your whole life, and you can finally have it, let's be honest here: You'd probably abuse the privilege. (Don't deny it; if you still won't abuse it, you have no life)Anyways, Brooklyn's dream is to fit in and be popular. With magic, that can be easily achieved. With a few changes to her appearance, boom! Popular kids want her.I think this story really important to those of us who are still growing up because it teaches us to discover ourselves and know who we really are. Brooklyn thought she wanted to be popular but in the end, she knew who she really is. It was not who she wanted to be, but hey, she still loves herself.This story of self-discovery along with reckless and fun magic would definitely cheer you right up on a bad day :)