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The Nightmare Affair - Mindee Arnett More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: AThis one is a must-read. The first sentence sucked me right in to the story. You have the scene of Dusty breaking in to someone's house and you see her dream-feed. No better way to show us what she is by seeing her do her thing. I laughed a lot through the first chapter. It couldn't get more embarrassing than sitting on a half-naked hot guy's chest while invading his dreams, no? LOL :DI literally cannot put this down! I read it in one sitting (which is almost impossible for me cuz of my busy schedule). But I ignored my Shakespeare reading assignment and read on like there was no tomorrow.Being inside Dusty's head was amusing. She has a retort for everything haha! Solving the murder was fun too! I had no idea what to think. No one was really suspicious to me except Paul Kirkwood who is her boyfriend (kinda). And my suspicion turned to be.. True? False? Nah, not gonna tell you ;) I was completely clueless about where their whole investigation was going and I had no idea who the murder was the entire time! Like, when we actually find who it is.. WOW.. I had no idea it was him/her. Like, no clue. I was like, wait.. what just happened?So that whole thing definitely took me by surprise.Then there's the whole sorta-there romance between Dusty and Eli. Dusty like Paul and I was completely against that. Paul rubbed me the wrong way. Just didn't like him from the beginning. Eli, on the other hand, was with Katarina. He couldn't exactly help his attraction towards because of Katarina being a siren and all. (Yes, Eli, I forgive you for not being head over heels for our dear Dusty) But they were so cute together at the end :') That alone made me satisfied.All in all, The Nightmare Affair is definitely a must-read! Don't hesitate to pick this beauty up! Along with originality and well-balance plot, the Nightmare Affair is a keeper that will keep you guessing at all times :)