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Indigo Awakening - Jordan Dane You can read more of my reviews here.*A copy was provided by the publisher for reviewing purposes*I really wanted to like this one -__- But nope.. this one is definitely not for me.This book really failed to keep my interest. I had to push myself to finish it. The writing is really great so I think it's one of those it's-not-you-it's-me situation.The writing flows really nicely, but I find the switching perspectives a bit confusing. Sometimes I forget I've switched to someone else's perspective and things I read just don't make sense. Indigo Awakening is told in many different perspectives but mainly in Raine's point of view.The concept of "Indigo" kids and "Crystal" children are really intriguing. If you google search Crystal children, they're actually several hits on them. They're the evolution of human and they have extraordinary abilities like healing and telepathy. The concept was especially popular in the 1990s. The plot is well-built with the Church hunting these Indigo and Crystal teens. Though why exactly the Church want them, I have no idea. Maybe to just eliminate them? Or study them? You should definitely read this if you love to read about any supernatural abilities. With a well-built plot and intriguing concept, Indigo Awakening is sure to make you flip page after page.