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Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1) - Abbi Glines You can read more of my reviews here.I'm very torn right now :( There's one side of me that's like, "FIVE STARS.." and the other side picks out all the flaws of this book and gives it a three star.If you listen to Fangirling Ariella, she would say, "OMG.. THIS BOOK IS FRICKIN AWESOME.. SO MANY FEELS.. AHHH.. THEIR ROMANCE IS SO HOTT.. *fans herself*But you know what? I decided to go with the rational Ariella. Now first of all.. I LOVED this book. But this has many flaws I didn't realize until later on.I feel like Blaire and Rush have no relationship. They don't talk to each other that often and when they can actually tolerate each other, they're sucking each other's faces. So.. I think their whole relationship is based on this AH-MAZING sex that they have. Which isn't all that good.. They're no developments in the actual relationship.But if you can overlook that, they do have some pretty hot scenes in the book *fans self* But I actually value relationships in books and that just made me wanna shake both of them and tell them to have some valuable moments together.That won't stop me from reading book 2 though!!! Definitely recommend if you're into the more erotic books..