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Belles - Jen Calonita You can also read this review here.So.. umm.. WOW.. (I guess that's all I can say)The book Belles really widened my horizons. Really, never knew people could backstab like that. Really, just, Wow!The story starts with Isabelle Scott who moves to live with her rich uncle in Emerald Cove because her grandma has Alzheimer's. Emerald Cove is all preppy and stuff and she doesn't really fit in. The story goes on from there. Now Belles has tons of drama. LIKE, DRAMA.. It taught me how shallow some girls can really be (just reminding you, this is fictional *whew*). Really, the queen bee Savannah got everyone wrapped around her perfectly manicured fingers. Ugh.. just school drama, y'know. Savannah is such a bitch; she's just jealous 'cause she thinks her boyfriend likes Izzie. Belles has got everything! With backstabbing southern belles, high school rich people drama, stealing a million-dollar necklaces, and cute boys, Belles by Jen Calonita is a must-read!