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Vessel - Sarah Beth Durst You can also read this review here.Through this books, I was curious, giddy, sad, heartfelt, hanging on for dear life, and many other feels. MIND-BLOWN...Liyana is a vessel who has prepared for her goddess her entire life. Kinda sad when the goddess doesn't come then she was basically abandoned by her tribe. Shed some tears, there there. Korbyn, a trickster god in his vessel, finds Liyana and tells her that all the gods are imprisoned somewhere else. Not everyone is willing to trust Korbyn's words (trickster god over here!)This books has everything. The adventure, the romance. Dude, just my kind of book :) Liyana and Korbyn set off to find the five other gods. And they kind of like each other but Liyana doesn't know what to do because Korbyn is Bayla's (her goddess) lover. You may now ooh and aahh. SO.. DRAMA-RAMA. THEN.. Through half of the book, my friend picked it up and read the end. AND.. *mad* SHE ACCIDENTLY TOLD ME THE ENDING.. WHICH RUINED MY ENTIRE EXPERIENCE OF READING THIS BOOK. *sigh* But thankfully! She didn't say the whole ending. What she said was true, but.. it got better because something good also happened at the end :) *saved lol*One thing that bothered me was how Emperor Jilath and Liyana fell in love so quickly. Dude, like insta-love, man. It was the second time Liyana met him because she wanted to discuss something about the war with him. Then the emperor was suddenly like, "Become my wife." I was reading and like, "Wait.. back up." Read the section like 15 times and was like, "WTF just happened." I was like that for 5 minutes. Seriously, WTF?Other than that, I have no problems with this book. I still love Korbyn! Sexy trickster god lol :) Definitely pick this up! I've never read something about vessels and this is a really refreshing story!P. S. Is there going to be a book 2? Wish there will be!