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Deity - Jennifer L. Armentrout You can also read this review here.Just going to say this first, guys, this book is for Team Aiden people. There were so many awesome moments between the two!! *heart melts* I was squealing in class and my friends were just like, "WTF.." SO ANYWAYS.. Now I'm officially back on Team Aiden *yay* I was Team Aiden the first book, Team Seth the second, and now FOREVER TEAM AIDEN.Now all that's over, let's get into the book. (Just heads up, it might get spoilery)Alex is now closer each and every day to her Awakening. She's really afraid of losing herself to Seth because the last time two Apollyons existed, the second one was controlled by the First. How is having two Apollyons bad? Well.. the First can draw powers from the Second then BOOM.. Akasha power then the gods die and shit. GOD KILLER DUN DUN DUUUUN