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What's Left of Me - Kat Zhang You can also read this review here.I don't have much to say for What's Left of Me. I guess this one is just okay. In the beginning, you meet Eva and Addie who haven't settled yet. They pretended that they settled but really, Eva is still there. Now Eva can only be in Addie's mind while Addie controls everything. Sucks to be her, right?Now Eva has a chance to move again, to smile, to speak. She did everything she could and risked it. Now they're taken away from their parents and stuck in a clinic that probably wants them dead.This one was pretty okay for me. Not bad, not good. There were some points I got really bored.. They were stuck in the clinic and I felt like they could've taken action sooner and get out. But nope, you had to experience every horrifying scream and image and it's just crazy.The pace of this book was too slow for my taste. But this book was also good enough that I would pick up the second book to see how it ends :)