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Enclave - Ann Aguirre You can also read this review here.Okay, so on the cover it says, "For fans of Hunger Games" or something like that. That's the whole reason I picked up this book. And I'm kind of in the "meh" zone for this one. It took a while for this book to get interesting (at least for me anyways).You have this girl Deuce, who has always wanted to be Huntress and finally got to be one. She got paired up with Fade, who was that troubling kid who survived the outside before. Then they got kicked out because they did something wrong and they tried to protect someone. So they got kicked out twice.Basically, they're trying to find this safe heaven. Or at least I think they are.. *scratches head* Yes, pretty sure they are. Now... umm.. I think she needs to write more on the Freaks/Muties/Eaters whatever you call them. When they were in the book, I didn't find myself fear them. The people were scared, yes, but I wasn't. I didn't curl up into a ball or anything. I was basically like, "Well, oop de doo, kill them already *yawns*"