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Cursed - Jennifer L. Armentrout You can also read this review here.So.. I had high hopes for Cursed since it's written by the awesome JLA. But nope, the Lux series is still waaaay better.Ember McWilliams had died in an accident and was brought back by her sister, Olivia. Now she can kill things with just a touch. Everything dies. It was like she was Death. Now she has a no-touch policy with all living things.Then Hayden Cromwell showed up and said she had a gift. He could help her, but she had to trust his father.I thought Cursed was okay.. not bad, but not amazing either. Ember can't touch anything and I guess that sucks. She keep thinking she's a monster and that she has a curse. But Hayden seems to think otherwise and tries to help her.In this book, she goes through a bunch of crazy stuff. She was trying to adjust to her new life all the while being targeted. Someone wants to kill her. And she will find out who.The killer's identity didn't really surprise me much. I'd been suspecting two people and one of them was him/her (can't tell you who, can I?). Weird psychopath *shivers* The plot was really good. It kept me interested and wanting to know more all throughout the book. I always kept thinking that she would control her gift/curse one day and find out who wants to kill her. And she did :) Yay to accomplishments!Overall, this is a great book if you're into the whole killer-touch thing. Want some action? Definitely pick this one up!