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Such Wicked Intent - Kenneth Oppel You can also read this review hereSuch Wicked Intent is a very scary book. Seriously, this is even better than the first one and I'm not even sure that is possible. I was reading this in the daylight and I was scared to death. (Well, I don't watch scary movies either, so I guess my opinion on scary stuff probably doesn't matter that much). My favorite, Victor, is finding his way into trouble again. Or should we say, trouble finds him. Victor is always too curious for his own good so we can't blame him anyways.This one is definitely darker than the first book. With the ghost world and all that ghost crap, this book scared the shiz out of me.At the end of this book, we had to let go of Konrad for good so I'm kinda sad.. :(Overall, this is a great Frakenstein novel and a stunning sequel. I definitely recommend this series to anyone!