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Valkyrie Rising - Ingrid Paulson You can also read this review here.Valkyrie Rising was a very well-written book that taught me more about Norse Mythology. There also some other mythical characters that I knew of before. Being a total mythology junkie, I knew I had to read this one :) The first chapter goes off well at Graham's party. We were also introduced the very charming Tucker (ah, such a cutie :3). We see how Ellie's life was always lived in Graham's shadow and controlled by Graham. I think Graham is too much of a controlling character. REALLY, DUDE. That guy needs to let Ellie live her own life.I am not as familiar with Norse Mythology as I am with Greek/Roman. But at least I knew Odin (the one-eyed dude, lol) and Loki (he was pretty sexy or downright evil in some other books). There was also an appearance of the goddess Morrigan (did I spell that right?). Morrigan is a celtic birdie (raven?) goddess I think.. I knew that from a series of MG books I read. In this book, Morrigan isn't sadistic but actually a kind goddess so I was kind of surprised by that.I think Ellie is a very kick-ass Valkyrie. She tried to beat Astrid even though she's not experienced at all. No, really. Astrid beats her by a few thousand years or something. Oh yeah, ELLIE & TUCKER. BEST. COUPLE. EVER. As I'm typing this, I got a goofy smile on my face. Ah~ They're so cute :3 *fangirl*I really wish there was more on Norse Mythology. The only thing mentioned about it was Odin and Loki and some war that they're in. That's not that much on Norse stuff at all. Heck, I know more about Norse Mythology than this book mentions and I've never read a single book about Norse mythology. So I thought that's something the book could have added.So, that's basically my whole experience of reading Valkyrie Rising. And an amazing experience, that was :) I really loved this book and I would totally recommend this to any mythology junkie (like me!) or just anyone who wants some action :)