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Vamplayers - Rusty Fischer You can also read this review here.Lily Fielding is a vampire who dreams of becoming a Savior one day. Saviors are those kick-ass people who battle the Vamplayers. But for now, Lily is stuck as one of the Sisters, the third one in fact. Alice and Cara, her fellow sisters, and her are assigned to a school to investigate. But Alice and Cara are targeted and that leaves Lily to face the threat alone.I thought this was a great vampire book with all the tension and stuff. Lily is always on the edge about the Vamplayer and that make the mission all the more believable. Something happened then Alice and Cara couldn't help her anymore.I thought Lily and her boy friends were pretty kick-ass in this story. Oh, c'mon. They took on a Royal Vamplayer themselves (until help came, of course)! That was pretty wicked awesome, man. I was like, "Yes, beat that kid." *just realized I sound too violent* Oh well.. you know what I mean :)This was a pretty original vampire story-- considering the Vamplayers and what not. Give this a try :) You won't be disappointed.