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The Fame Game - Lauren Conrad You can also read this review hereThis one is going to be a double book review since I don't see the point in doing two different ones. The Fame Game series, in my opinion, are full of popular girls who are trying to get to the top (as the most famous) by being a bitch. I feel like the whole Fame Game thing has waaay too much drama in it though it IS a reality show so I think it's supposed to be that way. I think all the characters were written accordingly. There were some parts that I thought didn't make so much sense. There was one scene where Madison lost her control pretty quickly and basically said, "F*ck you," to everyone. She didn't actually say that, but it felt like it. She was supposed to be trained like a star. A star doesn't lose her cool that quickly. There were two scenes like that I felt were unrealistic.Kate actually pulled a Madison too (somewhere, not sure where). I was like, "Calm down, girlfriend. No need to be like Maddy." That, I felt, was waaay too much. Not Kate too!! I actually liked Kate.Carmen was too much of a bitch for my taste. At first, I really liked her. But as we went through the two books, she turned more fame-craving and therefore was a bitch to deal with.And then Gaby.. I don't even know what to say about her. Let's just say she's mentally retarded and demented. I don't think anyone without a mental illness can be that dumb. That's just way too much into the Dumb Blonde jokes.. Gaby is just retarded.Plot-wise, this book had so much drama; I was mind-blown, seriously. I think this book is for anyone who LOVES drama like there's no tomorrow. There's a sexy catfight in this one :D (no, there's isn't). She should put a cat fight, that'd be SOOO interesting lol.P. S. I feel like a potty mouth writing this review. But things need to be said, man.