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Stealing Parker - Miranda Kenneally You can also read this review here*I won this book from Xpresso Reads and Sourcebooks Fire*I haven't read Catching Jordan yet but I'm sure it's going to be amazing as well. This one was sooo good! The whole town basically hates her because her mom turned to be a lesbian and left the whole family. They think Parker is going to turn out like her mom. So now, she kisses as many boys as possible and becomes the school slut.Then Coach Brian Hoffman came in. The sexy new baseball coach. Why go for high school boys when you can have that? Parker went for the coach and they got together in private. Coach Hoffman didn't want to jeopardize his own life but really liked Parker. I think he's a bastard and a jerk. Didn't like him AT ALL. I think he just wants Parker for sex but that's my opinion.And then there's Corndog (Will)! Will is so sweet :) Will and Parker has been archenemies since high school. They both want to be the valedictorian at Hundred Oaks High. But now Will likes Parker and Parker wasn't sure of her feelings. They're the cutest match ever :3I think all the characters are all written very nicely. Coach Hoffman got on my nerves a lot though. I actually think that he was too much of a jerk that it got unrealistic. But maybe it's because I live in my perfect little world (only 15 here, man). This is a book I'd definitely recommend to any girl. No, I seriously do. I basically shoved this book into my friend's face and told her to read it. (She's team Will/Corndog too!) CALLING ALL THE GIRLS, YOU NEED TO READ THIS ASAP. Like, seriously.