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Clash - Nicole  Williams You can also read this review hereIn a Nutshell:I saw some really good reviews for this one and I dived into it having really high expectations.. AND.. *wait for it* I LOVED IT!!! If you like lovey-dovey stories, definitely pick this one up.The Long Review Version:From the first page, I fell in love with Lucy and Jude. Luce was just on a beach, trying catch Jude's attention because.. well.. Jude's one hot dude, what other reasons do you need? Basically they got off really well and started arguing. Luce basically didn't like his personality but then later grew to love him.I really love this one! I think Luce and Jude's rollercoaster-ish up and downs kept me really entertained and from this, I learned quite a bit. I think communication is the key in any relationship.I loved both characters. I felt like I actually knew them personally and that I was actually in that situation with them together. Love the writing style, also. Williams just has a way of pulling me into the story. I stayed up late reading this! (But eventually, I slept :P)This is a very believable story that will have anyone cheering/rooting/shipping Jude and Luce :)