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Iron's Prophecy (The Iron Fey, #4.5) - Julie Kagawa More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.You can also read this review here.I cannot even tell you how excited I am to have finally read this book. We meet the Gang again. Yay!!! Oh and how much I love Puck and his Puck-ishness. Seriously! Ash is nothing (no offense to Team Ash people). Puck is just funny.. and Puck. This short story is about the Iron's Prophecy (of course, as the title states). The Oracle tells Meghan about how her son will either save the Nevernever or destroy it. Pretty boom doomy right? So they had to go find the Oracle so she can show the Iron Queen the prophecy in the Dream Pool. I think this is more of a transitional short story for the Lost Prince. It tells you a bit about Keirran and how he will save the Nevernever or break it apart. Ethan Chase and Keirran will be in the Lost Prince!! Yay! Cannot even tell you how excited I am when I can finally read it! Ah!!! *fangirling about the Lost Prince*What's the best thing about this whole short story? PUCK. PUCK. PUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!