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Kill Me Softly - Sarah Cross More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost WordsYou can also read this review here.This one is like a fairy tale (of course, it's about fairy tales). It didn't really surprise me all that much. Mirabelle, of course, fell in love with a guy who.. well, let's just say, will be the death of her. Mirabelle plays a part in the tale of Sleeping Beauty. She doesn't fall in love with her destined Prince but falls in love with Blue and Felix (who really aren't her Prince). Mirabelle goes on a mission to find her destiny and to avoid her fate. I don't like any of the love interests in this one and pretty neutral about all three of them. So, wanna know about the fairy tale ending? Sorry, nope, go read it yourself to find out!This is definitely for anyone who like fairy tales and dashing princes :)