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The Demigod Diaries - Rick Riordan More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost WordsThe Demigod Diaries is a book of short stories in the Heroes of Olympus series. In this, you can read Luke's Diary (of the time when they weren't at Camp Half-Blood yet), Leo's adventure at finding a runaway table, and also dodge a and of party-loving Maenads and stave off a massive explosion. Percy and Annabeth also face a fire-breathing giant. It also features a story of what happened to the demigods who supported Krono (written by Riordan's son, Haley). Just let me get this out, THIS IS MY FAVORITE SERIES OF ALL TIME. If it wasn't for Percy Jackson, I probably wouldn't have started reading at all. So thank you for that. I think short stories are really fun. They give us a deeper look at their unlucky demigod-ish lives. Luke's diary was very interesting to look at. It was before he turned all evil on us, which is nice. At that time, he resented the gods and all he cared about was protecting Thalia and Annabeth. It shows their meeting with a cursed son of Apollo, who gives Luke a glimpse into his future/destiny. (Below is a quote in Luke's perspective) Even though I've never met my dad and don't really want to, I share some of his talents. Along with being messenger of the gods, Hermes is the god of merchants--which explains why I''m good with money--and travelers, which explains why the divine jerk left my mom and never came back. He's also the god of thieves. He's stolen things like--oh, Apollo's cattle, women, good ideas, wallets, my mom's sanity, and my chance at a decent life. Sorry, did that sound bitter?The second short story was called Percy Jackson and the staff of Hermes (if I remember correctly). It starts off with Percy and Annabeth at a picnic, and Percy (being the Seaweed brain he is) forgets something really important.I tried to think. One month ago, we'd defeated the Titan Kronos. Was that what she meant? Then Annabeth set my priorities straight. "Our first kiss, Seaweed Brain," she said. "It's our one-month anniversary." "Well...yeah!" I thought: Do people celebrate stuff like that? I have to remember birthdays, holidays, and all anniversaries? I tried for a smile. "That's why we're having this great picnic, right?"Of course, it has to involve the staff of Hermes since that's what it implied in the title, right? Of course, then Hermes saves Percy (from being killed by Annabeth) by handing a sort-of quest to them. The third story is about Leo and the runaway table. He put some really important mechanical stuff in it. (Honestly, I have no idea what it is). Of course, the table can walk and run. Leo scared it away with Windex. It's hilarious :) They met some serious party people, the Maenads, who can tear an animal to shreds within seconds. This is where you run screaming like an idiot in the opposite direction. The trusty table, of course, is in the direction of the Maenads. Leo and the Gang have to get through them to get the table.The last story is written by Riordan's son, Haley. I think it was okay. A bit confusing at first but okay. I didn't really enjoy the story all that much. It tells the story from the point of a mortal so he was a bit taken away.These short stories quenched my thirst a bit. But I STILL CAN'T WAIT FOR MARK OF ATHENA!!! *Waiting til the day the book dripping with awesomeness comes*