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Wisteria (Wisteria, #1) - Bisi Leyton More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost WordsYou can also read this review here*A review copy was provided by the author for reviewing purposes*Thank you, Bisi Leyton and YANR Blog Tours!Wisteria takes place in a world taken over by the Nero disease. The Nero disease creates biters, which seem like zombies to me. They bite and infect more people. The world is almost completely infected by it and there are a few small pockets of the world left that are save havens. But no place is ever completely safe. Not even the Isle of Smythe where Wisteria lives.Wisteria is a pretty average girl who goes to school. Has the crush on the most popular boy. Gets bullied by the most popular girls. Wisteria is a tracker. Trackers are basically people who patrol the surrounding area and makes observation about the biters. They also kill the biters if any get too close.Bach is the featured hottie of this book. He is eighteen and comes from a race known as The Family. He despises humans and is the Sen Son (the leader's son). The Family thinks humans are dirt and thinks of them as slaves. But Bach gradually falls in love with Wisteria.I'm very neutral about this novel. There's nothing that really wowed me as far as this goes. I think I've seen biters in another book before.. I think it's called Darkness Falls by Jessica Sorensen if I recall correctly. As the book progresses, we see more of Wisteria and Bach's love for each other. In the end, we actually find out why Bach thinks Wisteria is familiar.I think this novel dragged on too long. There were some places where I think it could've ended. And there were also some scenes where I feel like the book just babbled to me. Like, just extra info and it didn't really keep the suspense going.There was only one character I didn't like. That is Enric. He is such a bastard. I mean, he treats Piper so badly I don't even know what to say. Seriously, it's like Piper is lower than a slave to him. Like, she is replaceable (she is, but she's still a human being!). I think some of The Family treat their Thayn (human/Terran slaves) too harshly. I get that they're supposed to be lowlives to them, but Enric is too harsh. He might as well have spat in Piper's eyes. And Piper does nothing about it because she is enchanted to her master, Enric. Ugh.. talk about inhumane treatment.Overall, I think this book is quite interesting with a few issues. Like the one above. If you still feel like you want to read this, go ahead. I'm not stopping you.