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Darkness Falls: Darkness Falls Series (Volume 1) - Jessica Sorensen More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words Darkness Falls was the first book I've read by Jessica Sorensen. Sadly, her story didn't seem to capture my attention. Usually, I know if I'll enjoy book once I read the first chapter. It did not call out to me though. I pushed through the chapters to see if I will like it because the blurb made me want to read it. The world Ms. Sorensen created is very intriguing. At the beginning, you are introduced to Kayla, who is a Bellator. She lives in the Colony and her world has a disease that made vampires. She got kicked out into the real world with no idea how she got there and every little move can mean death. While I enjoyed reading it, the book was okay. I kept waiting for something major and big to happen that would be really exciting. Maybe something like, MOMENT OF TRUTH.... But no, that didn't happen. At the end of the book, I was like, WHAT?! That was it??? Where was the big thing that was supposed to happen?I went on to read the second book hoping that something would enlighten me. However, that did not happen. If there was a line graph to show the climax, it would just be little ups and downs. For a favorite, it would be slowly rising, then at the highest, it would come back down.Darkness Falls and Darkness Breaks are overall okay books. I would recommend it to people who like vampire books. Rating:2 Lattes