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Survival (The Guardians of Vesturon, #1) - A.M. Hargrove More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words*A copy was provided by the author for review purposes*The Cover: Oh my! It's a pretty little cover! That girl is Maddie right? With the red hair and stuff?First Thoughts: Mysterious places? A strikingly gorgeous stranger? Count me in, I'm reading this!First Sentence: Maddie slowly cracked opened her eyes to see the brilliance of the morning peeking through her tent.My Thoughts:I overall enjoyed this story. I liked the plot and the characters. Although all the mysterious stuff kind of frustrates me sometimes, I still can't help but love this book!Maddie, the main character, makes me laugh so much with her clumsiness! I'm serious. My mom was directing weird looks at me. Oh poor Maddie, maiming innocent people everywhere.I had been lugging up a plastic bin filled with all of my intimate items, such as panties and bras. As I walked through the door to our suite, the toe of my tennis shoe caught on the threshold and I tripped. I shot like a rocket across the room, trying my best to prevent a crash and burn. Unfortunately for Mr. Newman, he was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he took the brunt of my momentum. My plastic bin burst open and we both tumbled to the floor. When I finally was able to sitt up, I was mortified by what my eyes beheld. Mr. Newman was lying on the floor with all of my panties and bras mounded over his head. He was a vision in thongs!Ah.. poor Mr. Newman. Oh, and did I mention Maddie's inability to cook? (Seriously, the house can be burned down) Anyways, I like Mr. Mysterious too. Rayn is just so drool-worthy. I actually think he's too perfect to be real. And then there's Sharra. Oh, Sharra, the girl who keeps trying to use American slang. Keep trying, dear, and you'll get it someday. Sharra and Maddie had gotten close through the book and I think their friendship is good. Though I really liked this book, I can't help but take off a star. What bothered me was that this book is really like Significance by Shelly Crane. Both have drop dead gorgeous guys. Both have a girl main character that thinks she's ordinary but told otherwise. Both have the soulmate thing. Both have the special ability kind of thing. Pretty similar if you ask me. But thank goodness, the plot is completely different, or I would've just stopped reading this.Overall, I think the author writes really well. The sentences flow nicely and the characters were very realistic (except for the gorgeous part). The humour (yay!) was there and I just love a good laugh. I would recommend this to people who love paranormal romance and any fans of Shelly Crane.