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Blood Debt (Touched, #1) - Nancy Straight You can also read my review here *A review copy was provided by the author for review purposes*The Cover: Huh.. it looks.. okay. Doesn't look like it has anything to do with a Centaur though.Opening Lines: I stared at the phone. I had his number. I had his name. Twenty-two years... after twenty-two stinking years of fantasizing about who he was, what he was like, where he was--you'd think I would have dials by now. The thing is--nobody, anywhere, could live up to my expectations. I'd always envisioned this successful, educated, lead-singer, movie-star, rich, kind of father. It was great to think that he was this wonderful, benevolent man, who one day would swoop in and introduce himself, then whisk me away in a limo. Yeah, that never happened.My Thoughts: First of all, I have to get this out. I LOVED THIS BOOK. There, all done. So, why exactly did I love this? It's totally because of the Centaur part of the story. I mean, c'mon, Centaurs? That's pretty original. Instead of writing about, oh I don't know, vampires, werewolves, angels, and faeries, to list a few, I've never read anything that has Centaurs in it. So, if you've read the opening lines above, you know that the protagonist, Camille, just found out who her father is after (I quote) twenty-two stinking years. She called her dad and they arranged to meet each other. But the question is, why? Why after all these years? Was her dad really that bad?Daniel's words continued to echo in my mind, "She must have kept you two apart for a reason." Why would she have kept us apart? Was she ashamed of him? What did he do that made her not want him in her life? -Pg 13, Nancy StraightI liked this book because it has Centaurs in it (obviously, I mentioned that at least a bajillion times). I liked the main character, Camille. She seems to notice everything. I loved how when she and Drake (the love interest) had that insta-love moment, they tried to stop it. They didn't just go, "To hell with Drake's marriage, let's have babies." Okay, I might've exaggerated a bit, since that never happens in books.What disappointed me was that we only see the mating aspect of Centaur culture. Besides the mating stuff, we don't really see much. Sure, we see some magic here and there. But besides those, we don't see much. I have lots of questions like: Are they warriors? Do they go to war? Are they skilled archers like Chiron was? So many questions. I think the book focuses too much on the romantic aspect of the story. There wasn't that much action at all. I hope we see my questions answered in the second book :)If you love paranormal YA and/or Greek Mythology, you should definitely read this!