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Myth Weaver - David J. Normoyle More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words Cover: Ooh.. that must be Vigrid. I see Zeus and Odin have joined the party too :) My thoughts: So the story begins with eighteen-year-old Jagger who has a very active imagination. He prefers to live in his imagination than the "realwhirl". One day in his daydream, he stumbled upon Vigrid. He saw thunderous (no pun intended) Greek god Zeus and the one-eyed Odin fighting. They were arguing about whether Greek or Norse myths are better. To keep them from fighting, Jagger acts as the judge under Prometheus and Loki's guidance. Both gods help Jagger relive the myths. Meanwhile, Jagger has his own quests in the realwhirl. What I really liked about this book are the myths. I'm very familiar with Greek myths since I'm such a die-hard Percy Jackson fan :) Norse myths, on the other hand, I've never heard any. Right now, I'm still very confused about Norse myths and the only characters I may recognize in the near future are probably only Odin and Loki. It's very frustrating because lots of Norse people have names starting with Sig.. (I never knew which was which, so excuse me). I find both Norse and Greek myths to have similar morals and truths in them. Myths contain truths, Jagger remembered the professor saying. ~Myth Weaver, David J. Normoyle I find Jagger to be a.. nerdy boy. He doesn't want to live his life and he prefers to daydream rather than live life. Thankfully, he's got the gods to help him in his so-called quest in life. He gets threatened by bullies and doesn't want to live anymore. Another thing I found out, gods are good at giving pep talks :) "Stop whining and grow some god damn balls," he said. "You're afraid of something or someone. What the hell can he do to you that is worse than what you are doing to yourself? Hiding yourself away." ~Myth Weaver, David J. Normoyle Jagger continues on his quest and learns valuable lessons from the gods. No hope, he thought. Then immediately after: To fight without hope, yet still fight--that is what it means to be a Norseman. ~Myth Weaver, David J. Normoyle