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The Host - Stephenie Meyer More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: B-I didn't expect to like this book. I mean, I hated twilight so I thought, "A Stephenie Meyer book? Give me a break.." The only reason I bought this was because there was a signing near me and I just couldn't not go. The Host surprised me and I must say I really enjoyed it!I absolutely ADORED the characters in this book. I liked how Mel and Wanda were stuck in one body and I liked their relationship. They hated each other at first but grew on each other. I really liked their sisterly love and I liked Wanda's unconditional love for Mel that she had. I really loved Ian as well, for loving Wanda even though she was the sworn enemy of human kind. And I loved Jared for believing that Mel was still there (though I think it took some convincing). The love square (yes, square) was fairly interesting. I guess I did like the whole Mel/Wanda/Jared/Ian thing. I liked how everything worked out in the end but there were certainly some romantic tension. I mean, how awkward is it for there to be two minds in one body and they both want different guys? I'll tell. One big fat AWKWARD.. Yep. But I did work out in the end so I'm happy about that.I really liked the idea of the aliens. It was interesting but also unbelievable to see Wanda talk about all these planets that she's been to. I just find those planets weird but it was something refreshing to read about all the same. The one thing I would complain about is that they didn't get out of the cave much. There wasn't much action; it was just mostly everyday life and drama and all that romantic stuff (and listening to Mel + Wanda's thoughts as well). I would've appreciated it if they fought some badass alien or went on an adventure orsomething. That was the only thing I would've changed.Overall, I really liked it but I would've liked some more kickass scenes. This book is definitely more focused on human interaction and how Wanda adapts to everything. I don't know how long we have to wait for the sequel but hopefully we'd actually get some news on it soon. I would definitely go check out the movie!