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The Keep - Veronica Wolff Read more of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: FTo sum up my feeling about this word in one simple way is this gif right here:The thing that stopped me from finishing this book is Drew and the lack of a plot. Drew is now hated by all the girls because they said that she killed her best friend and keeps all the boys to herself. Or something like that. If she has like 3 (maybe 4) boys/vampires after her, then so be it. Let the other girls be bitches. But Drew keeps complaining about them and she's being mean right back. Drew's attitude is really mean and I couldn't put up with her in this book. What's with her insecurity when her boyfriend left anyways? When Carden (bf) left, she isn't strong anymore. She became this weak girl who complains a lot. Her obsession with the keep also gets a lot on my nerves. Then there's the lack of the plot. Besides her obsessing over her friend's death somehow connected to the keep and her trying to juggle three boys, there's literally nothing that's worth reading about.