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Roseblood (Roseblood Series #1) - Emily  Shore More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost WordsYou can also read this review here.*A review copy was provided by the author for reviewing purposes*Thank you to Emily Shore!Reina Caraway is a human in a town where it's all bloodsucker and werewolves. So she can literally become dog bits or the food bank in a second. Her dad is a vampire and her mom is a werewolf. In her whole family, only she is a human. At her school, she sometimes feels like an outsider and/or dessert. There was a prophecy about her where it says she will rule Le Couvente. Ooh, no pressure.In this story, she likes two boys (no surprise there, there are always two boys). Skip (Stefan) White and Raoul Kelley. I still have no idea how to pronounce Raoul. I rooted for Raoul :) One look at Skip and I'm all out in mother hen mode. I was like, "Nuh-uh. You get away from my gurl. You don't touch her. You don't look at her. And you better not think about her." Yep.. I was pretty weird, wasn't I?There were murders happening all around town, but I find that the story wasn't very focused on finding the murder. It was more (actually, too much) around the whole Reina-Skip-Raoul fiasco. Not that I minded, but it would be better if there was more to the whole solving-the-crime thing. At the end, they do find the murder, though. Can't say I'm too surprised who he/she is. I already guessed who it was from the first few chapters :) Either it was a no-brainer or I'm a genius.Overall, I liked the whole thing. It was a very romantic story. Watching Reina decided between the two boys were kind of hard though :(