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Chosen at Nightfall - C.C. Hunter Read more of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: CThis review contains spoilers to the previous booksThere couldn't be anything worse than getting caught midstream and in an above-the-toilet-seat squat when confronted by an intruder. She shot upright, prepared to face whatever was about to go down. Unfortunately, she hadn't managed to stop the flow completely. Immediately, she realized she'd been wrong. There could be something worse. Being caught midstream, in a squat, with pee running down your leg, when you faced the almost-fiancee of the guy you still loved.Chosen at Nightfall was the conclusion to the Shadow Falls series that I've been waiting on. I was really excited for this and when I saw the pretty cover, I got even more excited! Unfortunately, this didn't quite live up to my expectations.Kylie is still the same as ever. Even though she knows what she is now, she's still trying to figure out her life. She's trying to learn what it means to be a chameleon and choose between two guys! With Kylie going strong, we also got another ghost story to figure out. Every thing worked out well in the end so I was happy.I can't say whether I'm happy or mad about the romance. I didn't root for either guys as I love them both equally. In this book, one of the guys stopped being in the triangle. So it was just down to Kylie and that one guy. Kylie really had to learn to forgive and I think that's an important lesson for everyone to learn. Couples always fight, but it's another thing to forgive another. You always have to decide whether or not your relationship is worth fighting for.*One thing I was really disappointed by is the ending. It wasn't really the one I was looking for. Every thing just kind of resolved. It wasn't all the epic, like I was expecting.Overall, it was a bit disappointing but still a nice ending. Now that Kylie's story is over, we can look forward to something else. Our favorite vampire, Della Tsang's story!*That's why divorce rate is going up everywhere