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Boundless - Cynthia Hand More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: C+This is the ULTIMATE CONCLUSION to the series! Wonder what will happen ;)I have to be honest.. I had no frickin idea what was going on. Like, I literally remember nothing from the two previous books. I only vaguely remember something about Tucker and Clara at prom and how he drove her back. Yep, I have the worst memory ever. It's really absorb and dump for me.Anyways, I felt like this book didn't have a satisfactory ending. With my limited memory, I even felt kinda sad. Like at the end, I was like, That's it? I was wondering if Clara would get more purposes and all that stuff.My favorite chapter was the epilogue :) It was just so sweet and it made everything come to an end.The plot was pretty good. Clara had to worry about all these different things and she doesn't have time. She had to figure out her purpose, what's wrong with Angela, how to get her brother to listen, and her own problems with Christian and Tucker. She really worked hard to do everything and save everyone even though sometimes that might seem crazy or impossible. Clara remained a strong character throughout the book and I really liked that :)-Ranting Teen-One problem though (just my preference). I DESPERATELY NEEDED MORE TUCKER IN THIS. LIKE SERIOUSLY.. We only saw him like once, twice, or thrice throughout the first half of the book. And you know what? IT'S NOT ENOUGH.. Okay? Like seriously, I don't really care about Christian (I do, just not as much). Oh Tucker, my sweet cowboy T__T He's just awesome, k? (Don't you dare argue with moi!)