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Otherkin - More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost WordsYou can also read this review hereOtherkin by Nina Berry was something I looked forward to reading. I love all kinds of shapeshifters (especially werewolves) and there just aren't that many shapeshifter novels out there. After I read this, I was kind of loved it and felt disappointed at the same time.Dez is a girl who wore her back brace her entire life. Then one day, she shifted without realizing it. She was captured and imprisoned. Then she saved a boy from a cage. That day forever changed her life. She found out that she was a tiger shifter and possibly the last tiger shifter in the entire world.Personally, I think this book just dragged on and on. There were some scenes that I hoped would just go faster and get it over with. There was this one twist that I felt like wasn't twist-y enough.. (make sense?). I mean, twists are all supposed to make you double back and be like, "Whoa!! WTF just happened?" But this twist didn't really turn out like that... It was more like, "Ohkaaay. Good to know. Moving on?" That was the disappointment. I always like laying down the bad news first.The good news is that I love the whole shifter world it has created. There were people who pulled at the shadow of the other world and I felt like it was so cool! I love the descriptions in the book that made me feel like I was actually there :)Overall, I would recommend this to all shifter fans. Despite its minor issues, I felt like this was a refreshing enough read!!!