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Midnight Frost - Reviewed at The Book Belles.*This review contains spoiler for the previous Mythos Academy books*Gwen is now back at Mythos Academy after her loss of her favorite Spartan. Gwen is heartbroken and moping around all day, which I didn't like to see. I could understand why she was so. But never fear! She springs into action when something bad befalls upon Nickademus and immediately goes on a mission to bring back an antidote to heal him.In some parts of the novel, I had the feeling that this series is getting too long and that they were never going to defeat Loki. I mean, which is going to be the final installment? Book six or seven hopefully? In this book, they had to go find a cure for Nickademus who was poisoned. They had a week for a deadline and they had to go to a place that was said to be cursed. There wasn't much artifact hunting in this book much, but by the end, you can see how they're a step closer to victory against Loki.Overall, the book is okay. I must say Logan is terribly missed because he's one of my favorite characters. Now every thing is back on track with Gwen and the gang, I can't wait to see what they do next in book six!