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Hope's Daughter - Melanie Cusick-Jones More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost WordsYou can also read this review here*A review copy was provided by the author for reviewing purposes*Thank you!Hope's Daughter is a dystopian YA book. I had really high hopes for the book. Unfortunately, I was let down. It started off okay. Cassie had just finished her last exam (and graduated). This is the part of her life where she finds someone she likes, elope, then go into the Married Quarter. Some of her friends eloped very quickly but they said they weren't ready. So Cassie became suspicious after a scary dream then began to investigate.Cassie was also falling in love with Balik, who questioned everything. Balik played around with the system and suspected everything. He made Cassie realize something wrong was going on the the Station.This book, sadly, didn't make my expectations. I really liked it at first but after the first half of the book, I find myself skimming through the rest. The world-building was nice and it showed the author's imagination but that was about all I liked. The rest was so-so. The story and the dialogue wasn't all that very engaging.I didn't like it all that much but hopefully someone else will! If you think you'll this, don't hesitate to pick this up!