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Prep School Confidential - Kara Taylor Read more of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: CPrep School Confidential is a great YA mystery that will keep you guessing until the end. I don't read a lot of mystery books but I definitely enjoyed this one.Anne is a great character as she's determined to solve the case. She's a dedicated friend and nothing will stop her from doing what she wants. She's really stubborn as well but that's a great quality as she never backs down from a challenge and keeps pushing forward.The murder case was interesting to solve. We were shown three suspects and Anne kept looking through the clues to figure out which one was the killer. I had a hunch about them though that proved right at the end. I just gotta say that the relationship between Isabelle and the killer is quite mind-boggling.Prep School Confidential has a love triangle too. I didn't really mind it though I felt like it wasn't needed. The two love interests were Brent and Anthony. Brent is the good boy and Anthony is the bad. They both have their own qualities but I feel like Anne shouldn't string both of them on (she's confused about her feelings; typical). But as for me, GO TEAM ANTHONY.Overall, I thought Prep School Confidential is a mystery novel that is worth checking out.