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Crush - Nicole  Williams Read more of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: CCrush is the conclusion to the story of Luce and Jude. I must say I did rather enjoy this ending though it wasn't as good as the first two books.Luce and Jude are still great characters. Jude is always trying to provide for Luce, which I found very sweet. Luce doesn't exactly appreciate it but I understand. She just doesn't want the money to change him. Those two are definitely have a roller coaster ride of a love life :)This time around, in Crush, it's actually Luce who's the problem and being unreasonable (though for a good reason). Throughout the book, she has learned to trust Jude and grown as a person. Crush is definitely a great love story.On a personal opinion, I don't really like the more sexual scenes in this book. There were a few and I think they're too many. I think it should be more about developing their relationship and not sex (though they did develop their relationship plenty). I thought this series was YA for some reason, but it turned out to be NA?On a side note, there was one part of the book I felt wasn't necessary. Was Anton and the problem that came with him really necessary? It didn't really play a big part in the story is all I'm saying.Overall, Crush is a great ending to this series. I felt like Jude and Luce really did get their happily ever after and that love can win over everything :)