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Die for Her (Revenants, #2.5) - Amy Plum Read more of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: DDie for Her is a short novella I read. I wanted to read this before reading the last one but now I'm not so sure how long it'll be before I get on reading the last book. In this novella, I really enjoyed reading about my favorite character in the whole book, Jules. I saw his personal turmoils and I wished the author could've showed more of his funny side. Now I see that his humour is just his shield and I feel so sorry for poor Jules :( But I don't think he'd want my pity. Kate was really annoying through the whole novella. I was okay with her before but now we don't really see eye to eye. I don't like how she irrationally rushes into things. This novella gives a good perspective on Jules's POV and I would suggest you read this if you really like him.